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Artist Statement

It’s natural for me to turn things that move me into an image.  When I am reading, thinking, listening, or just looking, I constantly turn my perceptions into pictures in my mind. 


I work primarily with portraits and care very much about getting a likeness, but accuracy in likeness is not enough; we all know there is more to a person than meets the eye.  In what we see of someone’s face, or hands, or way of sitting, there are a thousand clues to the interior behind it. One might call it soft observation, unspoken and unproven, but nonetheless a history of feelings in the presence of a person.  I love to make the most of those clues in my paintings.


I hope my work triggers some recognition of truth in another person and gives us access to each other.  I hope that in knowing each other we can know that we are not alone. 

Summer Field (detail)

Summer Field (detail)